Shades of Rhythm – 1991 – Remastered

Rave legends and all-round top blokes, Shades Of Rhythm, have remastered 6 of their classic tracks from 1991 for the digital times. True old skoolers will always have a strong connection to the rawness of old skool music, but for those who are after highly polished and high-quality music such as the 6 tracks found here, the time has now arrived to get your hands on some absolute gold!

The mere mention of tracks like Sweet Sensation, Everybody, Extacy, Homicide and Exorcist will have some of you taking a trip back to remember the ‘good ol’ days’ that’s for sure and if you think being able to get your hands on those tracks is a bonus, you can also get your hands on every raver’s favourite Sound of Eden (Every Time I See The Girl)! I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that Shades of Rhythm would be uploading more of their archived classics to Bandcamp and along with that and possibly more exciting, they would be relating brand new material also. I couldn’t find anything on their socials about that news so maybe I dreamt it, I’m not sure, but what I do know is that I’m excited as every other Shades fan at the prospect of them releasing new music.


Buy all of the music here on Bandcamp.


Links for Shades of Rhythm :

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