Shades of Rhythm – 1993 Part 1 – Remastered

Shades of Rhythm have already uploaded a good chunk of their back catalogue to their Bandcamp page and with 1991 and 1992 pretty much covered across 5 separate releases, they’ve now moved on to 1993 and brought us another 6 remastered classics from the archives.

We begin this particular rave-a-thon with X-Press 2’s incredible remix of Sound of Eden and Joey Negro’s equally excellent remix of Sweet Sensation. As far as I’m aware, both of these sure-fire floor-fillers have only been available to own on vinyl until now, so if you’ve always wanted to own them, this day is a great one for you! Following on are two Shades of Rhythm remixes. The first of those is an acid Breaks remix of Big Bass Drum and the second is a stripped back and intense Breaks remix of Getting Away. The final two tracks Sweet Revival and Peace Sign are a couple of truly euphoric rave gems that encourage plenty of hands-in-the-air action even if you are sat at home!

Alongside all of the remastering of old skool material, Nick Slater aka The Professor has been working on a couple of solo projects during the many lockdowns of the pandemic. Under his FlipNoise guise, the music is of a more downtempo nature for those who are still feeling the burn from the night before and a 10-track album of lush and chilled beats can be found on the link at the bottom of the page. Midi Eyes is Nick’s other alias and this one is at the opposite end of the scale to FlipNoise. Firmly aimed at the dancefloor, the two Midi Eyes tracks Data Dump (Bass Jacker) and Stargaze offer filthy basslines, squelchy acid lines, furious broken beats and all of the rave-trimmings one needs to wild when you hear them!

The new music does not stop there either because there is also new music from the Drumattic Twins too! As some of you will know, Nick and Lanx have produced and played Breakbeat under their Drumattic Twins guise for many years now and although there has been a couple of recent tracks from them released by Toast & Jam Recordings over the last few months, there hasn’t been that much for Drumattic fans to get stuck into over the last few years. Thankfully, that has all changed and we now have that distinct bump and groove spread across both Heads Up High and 8-Track! Those two track and the two above can all be found on the Bandcamp link at the bottom of the page.

If you’re a fan of Shades of Rhythm, hit them up on the other relevant links because they’re as busy now as they’ve ever been and there’s a good chance they might just be coming to a venue or field somewhere near you.

Buy here on Bandcamp.

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