Shades of Rhythm – The Lost DAT Tapes Vol 01

Back in the early nineties during a move of studios, Nick, Lanx and Rayan aka Shades of Rhythm packed up all of their bits and pieces, some of which made it to their new studio while some bits ended up in their lofts. Until recently, the loft dwelling bit and pieces were a long lost memory, but after the recent discovery of some very dusty boxes, they found some of their old DAT tapes that had music on that even they haven’t listened to in some three decades!

Excited by their find, they soon got to work recovering all of their music so they could have a listen back to what other masterpieces they had created all those years ago. Clearly liking what they heard, the decision was made to get the tracks remastered and released so that their ever-growing army of fans could get their hands on some very rare SOR material for the first time ever!

From the recovered material, 6 tracks have found their way onto the first volume of The Lost DAT Tapes and amongst others, you’ll find the dark and twisted acid bubbler Abourigini, the infectious and frenetic piano-ladened Pick Up The Pace and the foot-shuffling drums and euphoric feels of So Shadey. With each track being given that final spit and polish, you can be in no doubt that those true old skool vibes have never sounded so good!

Buy all of the music here on Bandcamp.

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