Shaka Loves You Joints n’ Jams, Vol. 1 (Bombstrikes)

Joints n’ Jams first became the name of Shaka Loves You‘s hugely popular Funk and Disco night in Glasgow, then it became the name of their monthly show on Soho Radio and now it adorns the first volume in what’s sure to be an excellent compilation series that will be released on Bombstrikes here on out!

Having already shared a ton of music from SLY in the past, both their own and that of others in their DJ mixes, it’ll come as no surprise to many that their 24 track album is comprised of high-grade material only! Spanning Hip Hop, Funk and Disco genres, the duo make sure that there is a certain bump n’ groove to every single one of the tracks selected and will most certainly put a pep-in-the-step of anyone needing that right now. All of the music has come straight from SLY’s own crates and because of the circles those guys congregate in these days, the roll-call of artists onboard is an eye-popping one, to say the least! A few of those that’ll instantly make you want to investigate this album to its fullest include Fort Knox Five, Andy Cooper, The Allergies, X-Ray Ted, Krafty Kuts, Fullee Love, Flevans and of course, Shaka Loves you themselves.

Whether you want to sit back and take in the excellence on offer that way, or you want to clear the living room floor and have yourself or selves a little party to the continuous mix of the album that’s also on offer, you can be sure that a high level of satisfaction is maintained throughout!


Buy Joints n’ Jams Vol. 1 here on Bandcamp.


Whilst Bombstrikes is in the conversation, it is well worth pointing out that the mighty imprint has recently released its best of 2020 compilation album that features 15 tracks from a year that offered plenty for the music lovers out there. Check out all of the music right here:


Buy ‘Bombstrikes: The Best of 2020’ here on Bandcamp.


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