Simon Shackleton – Exclusive DJ Mix For The Headfunk Sessions

As the dust settles for the foreseeable future of his alias, Elite Force, Simon Shackleton takes his work under his own name into top gear. If you haven’t managed to catch what Simon’s new work is about then simply press play on this mix that was recorded last night ( Friday ) for the Headfunk Sessions on Meattransmission. You will find an abundance of music that is euphoric, groove-heavy and heartfelt. Music to make your mind melt!

Simon has also been busy going through his vast back catalogue recently and every couple of weeks he has been adding old and unreleased music to his Bandcamp page. There have been some real gems from the early Elite Force and Lunatic Calm days pop on there and it’s very much worth checking out! Hit the link below to find all the good stuff.

Links to Simon Shackleton :

Soundcloud / Facebook / Website / BandcampYouTube / Twitter / Stereophoenix

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