Simon Shackleton – New Track And One Series Mixes

So as Simon Shackleton has put to bed his Elite Force and Zodiac Cartel aliases for the foreseeable future his mind is firmly focused on twisting up dancefloors these days as opposed to tearing them up. This is clearly evident in the music he is making right now with his new track ‘ We All Shine On ‘. It’s a truly soul soothing track that has a deep balearic Acid / Tech House sound and these kinds of sounds carry over into his live sets too.

The 2 live sets posted are from the most recent One Series night that took place in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Now if you have seen a post of Simon’s One Series nights on here before you will know the deal. Just in case you haven’t it’s all about One room and One dj for the whole night. It allows you, the punter, to have a window into the mind of the dj playing and also for the dj to really let loose and express there vast musical tastes. So with these 2 mixes added together that’s a pretty mind blowing 12.5 hours of music at your fingertips! Awesome stuff!

The new track and mixes are available to download via an email link so to help you on your way click HERE to get to Simon’s Soundcloud page and go from there. Enjoy!

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