Simon Shackleton – The One Series [DEN009]

Simon Shackleton has just landed back in the UK after a mini-tour of America. Starting in San Francisco for episode 8 of Simon’s beloved The One Series, his travels took him to New York, Washington, Seattle and Los Angeles and finally culminated in Denver for his 9th instalment of The One Series.

I have spoken about The One Series in previous blog posts so, in brief, the night is all about One Room, One Dj, all night. As is the case with many of these nights it’s a night by the people for the people. The idea is to find cool, interesting and intimate venues, anywhere around the world and then add to that a Dj, who formulates a masterful 5, 6 and 7-hour set. The length of the set allows you to open an even bigger window into the mind of the Dj behind the decks and with a heavy influence of visual artistry your set up for one hell of a dancefloor journey!

The mix posted is a live recording of Simon’s 5 hours set from Denver. Expect to be once again taken on an involving and sumptuous ride as Simon delves into the deeper side of his musical mind.

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Here is a short video of an interview with Simon on what The One Series is all about and what it means to him.

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