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It’s been quite some time since Simon Shackleton released an album under any of his many guises, but with the release of the title track of his new album ‘Piece Of Me’, along with the next two tracks ‘All These Strange Ghosts’ and ‘Soothe’, it looks like we could have one of the best albums of 2016 heading our way. If you’ve never listened to any of Simon’s work under his own name, what you get is music with many, many layers, with each of those layers adding an extra depth or an extra spark to the ones gone before. Both breathtaking and completely involving music that has you under its spell with every twist and turns it makes. With 10 tracks of that due to be sent our way over the next 10 weeks, times are on the up!

So, let’s break down how you can go about getting this incredible array of new music by Simon… Each week, starting from Monday 30th May (Monday just gone), Simon will release one track from the album as a free download. That continues up until the 8th of August when at that time all the tracks will have been released and ‘Piece Of Me’ will then be released as a physical purchase. That however is just the tip of the iceberg…

‘Piece Of Me’ is being released through the powers of Pledge Music. What this creates are the funds to do all the behind the scenes work that has to be done to get an album off the ground and out thereby allowing Simon to offer very personnel and unique touch once you choose your pledge of choice. At the first level you can simply buy a digital copy of the album, but right at the very top and if you and your friends have some money stored for a top party, you can have Simon come to play a 6 hour One Series set, just for you, wherever that may be. In between them, there are many more choices you can make, from buying CDs, t-shirts, books, a lifetime guest list pass and even Simon’s very own, Roland SH-101. If that wasn’t enough, once you have pledged, you’ll also receive bonus goodies in your inboxes such as exclusive mixes and remixes and you’ll get the singles from the album a full week before everyone else. To find out about all of this hit the links to Simon’s PledgeMusic page below and the link to get your copy of ‘Piece Of Me’

Download ‘Piece Of Me’ here via Simon Shackleton’s website.

Simon Shackleton’s PledgeMusic page.

Below you’ll find previews of the next two tracks to be released from ‘Piece Of Me’ and a video of the title track of the album that was put together by, Chele Gutek, which shows Simon fully immersed in his other passion, photography.

All The Strange Ghosts :

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Soothe :

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Piece Of Me video :

Links for Simon Shackleton :

Soundcloud / Facebook / Website / YouTube / Twitter

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