Simon Shackleton – The One Series Boat Party, London, Mix and Review + New Music

The 11th of July 2015 saw the return of the 6th annual boat party hosted by Simon Shackleton ( Stereophoenix ) and Ben Child ( Supatronix ). After experiencing and loving 4 of these boat parties beforehand it was a shoe that I’d be on the latest cruise down the River Thames and boy was I pleased to have been on board for this one!

The previous 5 boat parties had all been centred around Simon‘s ‘ Elite Force ‘ moniker but this one had been set in stone from the off as the first ‘ One Series ‘ boat party, under his own name, to be held on the River Thames. The one-room, one DJ deal was in full effect from the get-go which meant we were set for what was to be a truly breathtaking and inspiring 4 hours of music.

There had been a great deal of excitement from party-goers and Simon himself leading up to this party so as the anchor was lifted as the first few tunes were gently massaged through the speakers the intensity rose up a notch. The pre-party drinks started to go down with everyone on catch up mode as of course, if a party has been running for consecutive years there’s always a core of friendly faces and friends at the heart of the event. In fact, this party is one of those where you could easily rock up on your own and come away with your life enriched with new friends such is the family atmosphere that surrounds it.

So with the pleasantries over with it was time to take our dance hungry feet to the dance floor and soak up the early low slung funk and percussive Deep House Simon was dishing out. The dance floor soon swelled as once again the intensity levels rose as the music ramped up another gear with some soul-stirring Tech and Bass House. The dance floor was a sea of smiles and radiating energy that Simon just seemed to feed off. The night sky was soon upon us with the darkness trapping in all of the atmospheres. Simon rounded off the set with a foray of anthemic classic Techno that sent the crowd wild! It was the perfect set that everyone felt a part of and everyone participated in. Simon is delivering us an incredible tracklist and the ravers giving back the love and the energy to make the music just that little bit more meaningful and exciting. Great times indeed!

As with every good party there comes an afterparty! Brixton Jamm was the setting and the lineup promised much, much more dancing ahead! Room 2 was hosted by, Stereophoenix, with Martin Chandler and Gower Preston ( Stereophoenix ) both playing exquisite sets of Tech House and Techno and Red Oktober closed things off with an outstanding Acid influenced set!  The Scritch got things warmed up nicely in room 1 before Jurassik took to the decks to lay down some filthy Breaks. Simon then brought his Elite Force guise out to play as he smashed out a tremendous classic Revamps set. The Plump Dj’s were next up and they too chose to throw in some of their classic tracks, a particular highlight being ‘ Squeaks and Bleeps ‘, and of course, as those guys do, they had the crowd going crazy! The classics theme continued as Deekline dug out some old skool Breaks and Drum n Bass to keep everyone on their toes in the early hours. A last-minute call up saw Martin Chandler fill in for the last hour with more sublime Techno which saw us revellers dancing till the very last beat. As far as nights out go, that was one to never forget!

With a change in philosophy music-wise, Simon is now much more about making music that has pure heart and soul, music that puts a lot of love back into the world. That’s not to say his hard-hitting stuff doesn’t have heart and soul, it’s just that it’s delivered in a different way. His old music was designed to smash the hell out of the dance floor but his new music is much more thought-provoking like this new remix of one of his own tracks ‘ We All Shine On ‘. A track that clears your mind of all the rubbish allowing you to think of more positive things, things to help yourself and more importantly, help others which is what this release is all about.

In return for the free download of his track, Simon is encouraging us to take part in a virtuous act. You know the kind, helping an elderly neighbour out with some stuff, telling an old friend how much you mean to them or even rekindling an old friendship. Once the act has taken place simply email what you’ve done with ‘ My Story ‘ in the subject line to and in return you get this track and a listen to 3 unheard tracks of his upcoming album. Simon will then  There’s seems to be so much negativity going on in the world these days that doing something good for someone else not only makes their day but it’ll make yours too. What are you waiting for, make someone happy.

And just when you thought that was it more music comes your way as the Stereophoenix guys Martin and Gower both have a new mix out each. Give them a spin and if you’re liking the sounds and just happen to live in the Bath area of the UK both these guys and Simon are playing at The Love Lounge for the latest ‘ Rise ‘ event. Get all the info on that night HERE.

Gower Preston’s mix :

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