Sir Rah – Kernel Panic (feat Knoxy)/Leonard

A masterful blend of bass, breaks and jungle, Sir Rah’s two forthcoming tracks ‘Kernel Panic’ (feat Knoxy) & ‘Leonard’, due out on the Dissident Sound label, 18th May 2018 will leave a lasting impression!

If you’re a fan of the Cosmic Bridge label, Om Unit or Metalheadz, you will really appreciate the layered darkness of Sir Rah’s ‘Kernel Panic’ (feat Knoxy), a masterclass in sub frequency devastation, crisp funky drummer breaks and basslines that will send sizeable shivers up the spine, a late night dubber’s delight in breaks mode!

For the junglists, ‘Leonard’ is an irresistable skank from start to end. The drum programming is particularly tight and incredibly skillful on this bouncing rhythm with scattered and spliced vox, tribal percussion and weaponised bass! Get this essential heat c/o the Dissident Sound label from the 18th May 2018

Dissident Sound on Juno

Dissident Sound on Beatport

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