Skeleton Army – Catchy Schisms Remixes

Skeleton Army & Darran Juzyk’s Killer Smile imprint returns with the ‘Catchy Schisms remixes’ featuring remixes of Skeleton Army’s ‘Catchy Schisms’, ‘Touch’ & ‘Bedlam Jennie’

The EP begins with CoCo Bryce’s darkside jungle reinterpretation of ‘Touch’ where CoCo perfectly retains the sublime beauty of the original while completely transforming it into a deliciously murky slice of 1993 style amen tearout with a thunderous Reese bass hook.

Another breakbeat maestro, Etch turns in  a mind-blowing ‘Slo-Fast’ remix of ‘Catchy Schisms’ full of dark, surreal ambience, booming oldskool jungle subs and intricate half-time beats. The vinyl pops and crackles add to the hardware produced feel of this masterclass of a rerub.

Army of Ghosts remix of ‘Bedlam Jennie’ is nothing short of magnificent. a warm, retro tinged slice of Leftfield/Deep House with seamlessly blended beaks and 4×4 kicks-the sound of winding down in the club as the last few hours kick in

Skeleton Army’s own rework of ‘Bedlam Jennie’ is the spiritual successor to the stunning ‘Touch’, the gentle rolling breaks hint at the past (Foul Play) while the soothing, subtle synths point to the future and a continued legacy. Mindful, introspective keys glide across the sleek, fluid breaks while harmonious chords float in the background-pure, mellow, musical magic

As a digital bonus, Etch’s ‘Apachism’ remix of ‘Catchy Schisms’ is included, a faster retouch of the ‘Slo-Fast’ version with a drumfunk framework, adding in a heap of intricate breaks for a full on rave weapon

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