Slamboree ‘Breakbeat Origins’ Mixtape

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Massive congratulations to the Slamboree crew for their double award win at this years Breakspoll for best remix alongside Deekline and also for Best Live act. The Slamboree crew are bouncing off the walls with delight and to award you guys and gals they have put up their celebration set from the night up for free download. Once you checked the incredible tracklist and pressed play there will be no excuse to be still sat down! This mix is one for the purest’s and a great introduction for newcomers to the broken beat.


Deekline & Wizard ‘All your Love’ (Club Mix) [Freear Revamp]

Gella ‘Flatline’

Slamboree ‘Big Bada Boomtown’

Vocal Sample from ‘The Fifth Element’

Strings Sample from ‘Léon: The Professional’

Fatboy Slim ‘Everybody Needs a 303’ (Plump DJs Remix)

Chemical Brothers ‘Chemical Beats’

Death in Vegas ‘Dirt’

Slamboree ‘The Full Force’ (Unreleased)

Beck ‘Loser’

Elite Force ‘Here Come the Flow’ (Gella Remix)

Saul Williams ‘Not in our Name’ (The Pledge of Resistance)

Massive Attack ‘I Against I’ (Feat Mos Def)

Lo Fidelity Allstars ‘Battle Flag’

Koma & Bones ‘Shutterspeed’

Josh Wink ‘Higher State of Consciousness’ (Original Tweekin’ Acid Funk Mix)

A.D.O.R ‘One for the Trouble’ (Acapella)

Fluke ‘Atom Bomb’

Lo Fidelity Allstars ‘Warming Up the Brain Farm’

Silver Bullet Band ’20 Seconds to Comply’ (Freear’s ‘Copyright Nightmare’ Remix)

Slamboree ‘Death of a Festival’ (Feat Beans on Toast)

KMFDM ‘Megalomaniac’ (Single Mix Edit)

Bomb the Bass ‘Bug Powder Dust’

Propellerheads ‘Spybreak’ (Short One)

Soul Sonic Force ‘Planet Rock’ (Acapella)

The Crystal Method ‘Keep Hope Alive’

The Freestylers ‘Feel the Panic’

Bonsai Kat ‘Bla Bla’ (Detboi Remix) [Freear Revamp]

Slamboree ‘Cheeky Peepers’

Freeland ‘We Want Your Soul’ (Acapella)

The Prodigy ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ (Jim Pavloff Remix) [Freear Re-edit]

Sheila Chandra ‘Nana’ (The Dreaming)

Vocal Sample from ‘Fight Club’

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