Slamboree – Cheeky Peepers (Freerange DJs)

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Hey, if you’re anything like me, you love a bit of free range… on that note, I bought eggs the other day that said they were made by caged hens. Has that become a legal requirement? It just seemed a bit odd to highlight that fact. It might as well have had a picture of hen sucking on a battery as a brand logo.

Anyway, The Freerange DJs have been a little quite of late and hope this deluxe free download is the beginning of a string of new releases from the the West Country A-Team of Breaks. It’s a real mishmash of vibes – the leads all sound a bit minimal, the vocals and ghetto, the beats are definitely broken. But hey – who’s pigeon holing anyway… Or should that be “hen-plucking”.

Welcome back, guys!

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