Slightly Transformed – Summer Numbers 2019

London’s Slightly Transformed imprint has arrived at our audiology unit with 20 tracks of solid gold Disco music to make the big fiery ball in the sky glint even brighter and leave you with a feeling of great contentment once you soaked them all in. 19 of those 20 tracks come on Slightly Transformed’s new compilation album ‘Summer Numbers 2019’ and one of those tracks comes as a bonus free download.

‘Summer Numbers 2019’ is an album that features a teamsheet full of MVP’s who are all on their A-game and bring their own personal highlight with re-edits and sample-heavy music aplenty. Wanting to give everyone a little something to love, the bpm range is a well-varied one. Some of the more sublime, lush and downtempo Disco cuts come from Old Chap‘s seductive and soulful ‘Flight With Love’, Late Night Workshop‘s super smooth ‘Guru4evea’ and Downunder Disco‘s low-slung groover ‘Slow Moves’.

Moving on to a prime-time selection of midtempo jams, you can start getting down to more energized music, such as DJ XS‘ blissful and brassy ‘Time’, Vigi‘s sweet yet punchy ‘Take My Hand’, Rosso‘s fresh and vibrant ‘Don’t You Love It’ and Fingerman‘s funked-up rework of Ash Reynolds ‘Remember When’.

Now the limbs are warmed up, it’s time for the full-time party machines to make their presence felt as we head up to the 120bpm hotties and beyond. Some of the nuggets of dancefloor fun to be found here include Le Visiteur‘s percussive and upbeat ‘Make My Body Move’, Kut & Loop‘s hugely infectious ‘You & Me’, Partner Music‘s Disco ball dazzler ‘Love Is Called’ and the hottest of the lot in terms of tempo¬† and energy ‘The Beat’ by Mannix. That is just a snippet of what you can find and you can be sure that there’s plenty more where they all came from!

The bonus free download accompanying ‘Summer Numbers 2019’ comes from the co-owner of Slightly Transformed, Chuggin Edits. Rich with brass and soulful and sunny Disco vibes, it’s the perfect way to round things up here. Check it out just below and grab your free copy there also.


Buy ‘Summer Numbers 2019’ here on Juno.



Download Chuggin Edits free tune here.


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