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Slynk blasted his way into 2021 with a brand new VIP Remixes EP that was dropped just before New Year’s Eve to make sure that those who didn’t manage to get any fireworks still had a party that went off with a bang!

Featuring on what is a truly epic EP are remixes of four Ghetto Funk classics from a handful of legendary names from the scene with Slynk very much included in that bracket. Because of the stature of the music involved, Slynk has taken a respectful approach with his remixes and rather than completely deconstruct them, he has instead chosen to breathe new life into them and sharpen them up and if you love an eye-shaking bassline, you ought to turn up your sound system so that you get the most out of all four of the heavyweight tracks on offer.

So, to the music and it’s A.Skillz and Stickybuds’ 2015 remix of It’s The Music by The Mighty Mocambos and co that coms in for remix treatment by Slynk and following that he takes on Krafty Kuts and Featurecast’s huge 2011 release Headbanger. Next in line is a remix of Father Funk’s remix of Love Rollercoaster by Ohio Players and to complete this insanely good quartet, Slynk remixes his own track from 2015 My Sound. If you love these tracks as much as we do, pop them in your basket and be happy forever that you bagged the bangers!


Buy all of the music here on Bandcamp.


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