Smartie Roc – Roc The Breaks Vol 1 EP (9th Avenue)

Based in the south-west of the UK, 9th Avenue is a label that has already released a decent amount of hefty broken beat music and is continuing to do so with its latest releases from Pittsburgh’s Smartie Roc. ‘Roc The Breaks Vol 1’ is the new 7 track EP from Smartie Roc with 6 new Breakbeat tracks coming from himself and a remix from fellow countryman NomadJames.

Smartie Roc’s love of the classic Breakbeat sound can be heard in full effect throughout his new EP with quality samples galore! The first track ‘Blow Up & Be Somebody’ is a meaty slab of booty-shaking Breaks that features Ruffneck and Notorious B.I.G samples and a thumping bassline. There’s even more booty-shaking business next with a bouncin’ remix of ‘Club Action’ by Yo Majesty and following that is a minimal Breaks remix of the same track that this time brings a raw and menacing vibe.

Onto track four and we find ourselves with the freshest classic Breakbeat remix of ‘Joy & Pain’ by Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock with an added Olympic Runners sample and a groove to make your body pop. Next, we find ourselves with ‘Mass Hysteria’ which is a proper 110 banger! With the main hook of Gang Starr‘s ‘Mass Appeal’ driving the tune along, the welcomed addition of Eric B & Rakim‘s ‘Let The Rhythm Hit’ makes it the stand out track of the EP for me. If you’re thinking that the title of the next track ‘Ride My Apache Pony’ might be a sweet Breakbeat mashup of The Incredible Bongo Band’s ‘Apache’ and Ginuwine‘s ‘Pony’, you’d be absolutely spot on. The final track is a dark and mysterious Breaks remix with Techno influences from NomadJames of ‘Club Action’ which finishes with distinct boom! If you’ve got to roc’ a party, be sure to roc’ the breaks!


Buy ‘Roc The Breaks Vol 1’ here on Juno.


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