Something System Records 001

Something System Records launches with Dark Jungle Tekno form Lucas and a deep melodic offering from Something System. Vinyl release coming this August

Two Birmingham dons kick off the first vinyl release on Something System Records, a vinyl label with vinyl lovers in mind. The ethos is underground music whether it be D&B, Techno or Hip Hop. So long as its Dark, Funky and away from the maddening crowd of a million soundalikes. Influences range from early Hardcore to Detroit Techno and release number one embodies that ethos perfectly.

As if the epitome of Dennis Hopper as Frank Booth (Blue Velvet) saying “now it’s dark”- Lucas weaves the nightmare dust into ‘Coming For Ya.’ The audio is stunning which adds to a cold sweat/dry mouth atmosphere conveyed through creepy chords, rumble bass and floating stabs over a puncturing breakbeat.

Something System takes us on a blissful journey across downtown Detroit by way of Chicago with washes of Bukem deep chords and a touch of Sax over rolling breaks imbibed with Jazz and Soul. Serious music in that it’s seriously good. Keep eyes and ears peeled for a vinyl release this August.


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