Sonic Funk Foundry – Funk Power EP

Sonic Funk Foundry is back with two new edits of a couple of super-rare and hard to find tracks on another new EP series titled, Funk Power, which will leave you in doubts as to how things are going to go down. Opening with a tight Funky Breaks edit of Look At Me by Sir Wilkinson, the horns are the star of the show and ignite the atmosphere in a carnival-like fashion, leaving the listener fizzing with happiness. Following on is an intense and groove-laden edit of Funky Stranger by Nassar with retro keys and funky electric guitar stabs and riffs joining driving 4/4 beats that’ll whip you into a frenzy in no time!


Buy both tracks here on Bandcamp.


Links for Sonic Funk Foundry :

Soundcloud / Bandcamp

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