Sould Out & The Funk District – Todos Santos, Tulum 02/Oct/2018

Sould Out had already played 3 hours of his set in the Brazilian jungle at Todos Santos in Tulum when he invited his very good friend The Funk District to join him the last 90 minutes or so of his set. It proved to be a special moment for them both because even though they’ve played out together several times before, they’d never actually managed to get a recording of them doing so, up until the 2nd of October 2018 that is! So, in turn, it has proven to be a special moment for us all because we too can now enjoy their set and the selection of Afro Funk, Disco and Brazilian flavoured beats they chose to keep the party well alive. We can assure you, this is a great listen!


Download Sould Out & The Funk District set here.


Links for Sould Out :

Soundcloud / Facebook / Mixcloud


Links for The Funk District :

Soundcloud / Facebook / Hearthis / Twitter / Instagram

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