Sound Shifter-The Remixes

To close out 2017 in true junglist style, Ghetto Dub welcomes back Sound Shifter with a dynamite package of VIPs and new remixes including reworks form Subcriminal, Sanxion and Vinyl Junkie.

Sound Shifter provides two VIP reworks of his tracks ‘What I Had’ and ‘Dis Jungle’, the former an atmospheric amen charged dive into the parts of the ocean devoid of photosynthesis and the latter a 26 gun bad boy totin’ slice of 94′ junglism.

Vinyl Junkie reworks ‘Break It Down’ into a party/festival/rave perfect 170bpm plus bass cannon. Sanxion takes ‘Feel’ and turbo injects it with a bit of uplifting oldskool meets nuskool raver’s DnB. All the good feels!!!

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