Sparki Dee-Mojo EP

Sparki Dee gets his ‘Mojo’ on for a stomping EP of Hardcore Rave on Ravestomp Recordings

You’re in for a serious workout as soon as you hit play on the title track to the ‘Mojo’ EP. It’s full steam ahead with fast, pounding kicks, full throttle amens and upbeat, psychedelic rave riffage.

‘Midnight Rush’ has a housey feel with deep sounding pianos and synths set to thundering Hardcore techno beats.

‘PileDriver’ opens with a trippy lead and barrels along with multiple riffs in quick fire succession, spinbacks and sizeable thumps!

The mellow keys of ‘Safe Attitude’ call back to the early 90s hardcore sound of Ramos & Supreme with a bouncey 4×4 kick and tight percussion. Get stomping to these bangers!!!

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