Stanton Warriors ft. Stush & Foreign Beggars – They Follow

Forget Brexit, Stanton Warriors, Stush & Foreign Beggars pay tribute to a true great Brit import- bass music! Check out ‘They Follow’

Can a banger bang harder than this certified B.A.N.G.E.R? We know how sick you are of ‘Brexit means Brexit’, ‘Take back control’ and the other emplty slogans that have gone on two years too long! What does it mean to be British? The Stantons team up with bright young Brit talent, Stush & Foreign Beggars to celebrate something worth being proud of-great music!

Mixing grime, bass, breaks and some of that Jugle/Rave that shaped the Stanton’s sound, ‘They Follow’ is a Brit banger to really celebrate!

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