Strange Rollers – Rules Of The Game

Strange Rollers presents ‘Rules Of The Game.’ A multi genre album showcasing the myriad talents and forward facing production style of this veteran of the scene.

‘The Lost City’ brings elements of Techno and Breakbeat to the fore, opening the LP with a dark, ominous tone. ‘Wanna Luv U’ employs a bit of that Juno driven style with pitched down vocals before breaking down into full on oldskool rave euphoria. ‘Glow Stick’ is a full on deep journey into the early hours with a huge intro that builds into a hypnotic chugger with a prominent JB break.

‘Shall Not Fade’ could be a tribute to the popular label of the same name. It certainly has the same genre blending originality and richness, ready to take your ears and mind to distant places. ‘Dreamworld’ is the apt title for the dreamy labyrinthine hybrid of breaks and electro complete with dreamtime themed samples. ‘So Damn Vicious’ updates the populist breaks style, taking it down a notch, adding layers of creative darkness and a bit more of that electro influence that permeates this album.

‘It’s Imagination’ operates somewhere between the seams that tie Tech House, Deep House and Techno with just a hint of tribal. A minimal groove steadily builds with percs and ambient stabs taking us deep inside the machine. ‘A Little Bit Obscene’ is trippy AF and all the better for it as we enter the land of Acid. ‘The Word Is Acid’ is 303 101 with a signature SR driven bassline. ‘Why Won’t It Stop’ completes a trio of 303 tunes with a bedrock of breaks and furious acid synths.

‘Broken Glass’ is sublime ambience reminiscent of Orbital with bumpy breaks, FX and the most awe inspiring drop before the track ventures into some gritty gnarly bass ballistics. ‘Looking Glass 21’ is a DnB roller you could hear DJs like Bassline Smith and Andy C rinsing out on a mammoth mix session. We get a Downtempo remix of ‘Funk Squad’ with lush chimes and the funkiest of stabs in perfect harmony.

‘My Mother Raised Me’ is the albums ‘Back To Mine’ moment with floaty strings, thoughtful vocal samples and super chilled beats. ‘Welcome’ goes full early 90s with a Primal Scream/Happy Mondays style beat, pitched chants and head caressing strings. Something for the DJs, ravers, chillers and anyone who loves a really good album, nuff said!

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