Strawberry Letter 23 (Mr No Hands Remix Feat. Marilyn Monroe)

Shuggie Otis - Strawberry Letter 23 (Mr No Hands Remix Feat. Marilyn Monroe)

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Introducing… this sub-laden edit of a Shuggie Otis classic! It’s had the original vocals stripped out and replaced with the sultry and haunting voice of Marilyn Monroe as she describes her relationship with happiness. Naturally, I’ve added a touch of wobble-bass and a side order of  chunky beats which I owe massive thanks to Nick Thayer (and his sample pack) for. They are perfect – thanks Nick!

Grab this free nufunk download now! It’s yours to play, download and share with your chums.

Dig it?! Well, check out my new release on BombStrikes – ‘Happy Now EP’!

‘Happy Now’ and ‘Don’t Care’ – both downtempo, funky / filthy adventures into 1940’s Vocal Jazz land, with a No Handed twist 😉

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The EPs had some really kind words said about it from some of my favourites in the game, such as Slynk, Far Too Loud, The Funk Hunters, Stickybuds and Michel from Jalapeno Records, which was really cool to discover. Thanks to all supporting the release.

Nice ups all,
Dave No Hands

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