Streamer – Resh & Unky EP (Timewarp Music)

Timewarp Music return with an EP of pure funky grooves from a producer who they have admired for quite some time now, Gary Shephard aka Streamer. After checking out Streamer’s Soundcloud page, we can see why Timewarp have become a fan of his as he is a very industrious producer with a huge amount of music that covers pretty much every style you can think of. For now though, it’s time to focus on the Funk that has been laid down before us right here and now.

‘Resh & Unky’ is the new EP from Streamer and comes complete with six cracking tracks that demonstrate his uplifting and unique sound. Opening proceedings is the sunburst sounds of his own take on his own track ‘Mama’s Funky Life’, which is followed by the fresh and funky ‘Check One Two One Two’. The fun and frivolous sounds of ‘Sit Tight’ take to the airwaves next and is another twist on a track of his own.

Onto the fourth track we have what is possibly my favourite track on the EP ‘Lowrider’. The liquid funk groove applied to this one leaves you wanting more and more of that sweet aural honey. Vagz Sand and Rahab Blues are up next with the only remix on the EP. They bring a whole new flavour ‘Lowrider’ with some crisp new drums and extra funk. Streamer’s ‘Morning Glory Pyjama’ spin on his track ‘Rise Up’ might just give you the indication that this is a little more laid back than the rest and if you think that, you’re bang on the money. This dreamy downtempo number is one to reach for when all’s calm and there’s nothing left to do in the day but kick back and listen to some great music.


Buy Streamer’s ‘Resh & Unky’ EP here on Bandcamp.


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