Sublove-Vexation EP

Sublove aka Jody Wisternorf presents four rave gems, diamonds in fact for a new Kniteforce EP

Sublove tracks are some of the most sought after by oldskool hardcore enthusiasts. This EP features four signature Sublove tunes that will very quickly find pride of place in the record collections of some extremely lucky collectors!

‘Rubber Band’ is pretty much Techno with a Hardcore beat. The melodies are rich, intricate and intense with an impending sense of something sinister lurking in the lush soundscapes

Title track, ‘Vexation’ is 94/95 style roll out jungle that sounds a lot like Aphrodite with epic room filling breaks, beefy bass and warp bass filled out with an incredible range of diverse sounds from House diva whoops to a very familiar and well used vocal. It’s a true jaw dropper.

‘A Better Place’ opens with 80s synth sounds before launching into what might be aptly described as some ’92 ardcore bizznizz’ in the form of dark riffs, the ‘Lock Uo’ break and a dash of floaty FSOL stabs.

‘Coherent Flow’ does Basement Recs Jungle Tekno to the letter with multiple layers of breaks and kicks, twisted techno leads and fully formed ambient drops that will knock your socks off!

Available on Kniteforce Bandcamp 18/04/20

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