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Want to join the waiting list and have your music featured on LSM? We love to hear and feature new wobbly basslines and wonky bangers…

Send tracks, edits, mashups and mishaps to:

  • louise [@] – send funky music
  • sid [@] – send wonky music

If you want to get featured on here are some tips that cant hurt your chances:

  • Don’t just add us to your spammy mailing lists because we dont read them
  • Address your message to us personally – we all have names
  • Drop us a line and say hi plus a little flattery goes a long way
  • We don’t get paid to do this and we all have full time jobs so make it as easy for us as possible
  • Submit full posts – 50 unique words (bespoke for us only – no duplicate content)
  • Include pictures – web optimised ideally
  • Write amazing music

You can read our full guide to getting your music featured on blogs here.

If you’d like to join the collective, get in touch. We’d love to have you on ‘pon the ward.

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  • Hey, My name is Barry and I love playing and creating Electronic Music. I have a lot of steam pulling me into this plea for furtherment of my sound. (Hope you Guys Rep Me)
    I have been at it lately just filling out my stable of all new and all unheard solid tunes in the drum and bass/dubstep/riddim/experimental world.
    I’m finally able to free those sounds that have been mixing together in my mind for so long…and it feels and sounds great.
    Check me out and please get back to me cause I need all the help and guidance that I can get.

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