Sunny & Deck Hussy- Summer Gathering EP [Kniteforce]

Sunny, Deck Hussy-Summer Gathering EP album cover

In 4 chapters, Sunny & Deck Hussy provide the soundtrack to the ultimate summer gathering!!!

Chapter One opens with 90s Trance melodies over a 92 breakbeat before launching into a riff in the endlessly addictive oldskool hardcore style. You could say this is a dream match maker of the gorgeous mid to late 90s Ferry Corsten/Paul Van Dyke ethereal Trance sound with what is arguably the most loved era of Rave music.

Chapter Two has all the components of the best of 91/92 Hardcore- rolling break, whoops and punchy rhythmic patterns. Sunny & Deck Hussy throw a curve ball with a tough Acid Techno 303 that punctuates the signature hoovers and vocal hooks.

As for Chapter 3, file under ‘instant classic’ as in the kind of euphoric piano/hoover Hardcore tune that you absolutely will here at Calling The Hardcore events down in Brighton and Unity in the sun in Corfu. The good vibes don’t let up for even as much as a second!

As a side note, I love the overall tempo of this EP and it continues with Chapter Four. I think it’s fair to say that S&DH are the Masters of the rave riff and they excel on this smile inducing Happy Ragga-Rave tune. Sample spotters may notice the flute from Firefox & 4 Tree’s ‘The Warning’ tucked away in the dubalicious half time drop!

So you can summer in every season by grabbing this must have EP! To do that, head over to Kniteforce Revolution. Release date 27/08/21

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