Sunny & Deck Hussy – Triple Distilled EP

No 21 on the Breed imprint sees Sunny & Deck Hussy drop some ‘Triple Distilled’ uplifting breakbeat hardcore for your consumption!

This EP kicks off in emphatic fashion with ‘Bro’s & Ho’s’, a fun, fast and furious breakbeat re-imagination of early Italo-Rave. The vocals are reminiscent of East Side Beat ‘Ride Like The Wind’ and the tough techno riffs call back to those early Euro themed bangers from the likes of DJ Professor

‘Hallelujah’ is atmosphere loaded from the get go with progressive keys and a big phat amen break. A familiar riff from the oldskool days is introduced and manipulated with, adding in chunky breaks, scratch samples and hoovers.

‘Let The Music’ breaks out the 95 hardcore stylings while adding in interesting melodic key arrangements, house diva vocals and a lead hook with a late 90s trance leaning. Just imagine ol’ Judgey busting out some ‘ardcore down at ‘crasher’ and believe me, those trance lovers would LOVE this tune even though its not trance!

‘Only You’ keeps with the 94/95 influenced ‘Happy Jungle’ vibe, there’s even a vocal sample stating ‘its a jungle out there.’ Things get deep and emotive for this one with a skyscraper huge 90s ‘new age’ style drop featuring the vocals from Praise ‘Only You.’ If ‘new age’ tearout jungle is a thing, Sunny & Deck Hussy have cornered the market on the sound! A massive slice of junglism to close a classy EP!

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