Swollen Heads – Socially Distant EP

Swollen Heads return to Ozone Recordings with some sublime Techno and Hardcore on the ‘Socially Distant EP’

Prepare to be transported back to 1992 with the Black Dog/Warp Recs influenced ‘We’re Turning Into Nothings.’ A heady mind altering array of continues melodies effortlessly move over breakbeat house/techno rhythms further and further into the deep.

‘Dialemma’ is a musical representation of standing in the middle of a field with arms out side to side, spinning and watching the landscape race across your eyes. The stabs conjure up images of the early Spiral Tribe raves. The enchanting keys conjure memories of dancing to Sasha circa 92/93.

‘Lockdown 2020’ is knee deep melodic techno with a distinct Detroit leaning. The strings are both intense and stunning at the same time as the rave comes alive in full force in anticipation of a post COVID return to normality.

‘Frightened To Speak’  has a Depeche Mode feel with tough Prog House overtones and a hands aloft mother of all drops.

My personal pick from this excellent EP is the Hardcore opus ‘Psychic Perception.’ This track would not sound out of place on labels like Lobster Theremin and Shall Not Fade. There is a subtle menace to the towering synths and prominent breaks bolstered by the eerie spoken word sample. If COVID safety measures are getting you down, listening to the incredibly talented Swollen Heads will make you feel better.

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