Syrette – Kamigata

Every now and again you get hit by a curve ball that you never see coming. This track is just such a track – I’m not sure how Aaron Udy and Elliott Cronin, who makeup Syrette, came up with it but it sounds to me like it was a dark space. It starts with a distorted drum sound that sounds like it was recorded under a pool of blood (this is a good thing) and breaks in a cacophony before a bass kicks in that was dragged up from the bowels of Hades.Now this sounds like it would be depressing (as hell) but it had me wanting to dance and its trance-like repetitive beat had me in its grasp. Just when you are settled into the beat and losing yourself – boom it goes and disappears.I thought my speakers had blown at first but then coming up through the silence is that bass. More menacing, darker and more insistent it sounds like a club is happening in the underworld and you can just catch the rumble of the bass…but its getting nearer and nearer and you want to run but before you can get away its grabbed you again and you’re back in the Danse Macabre. It’s funky in both sound and (if music could) smell and you need to hear it..even if you don’t like it it’s a sound you won’t hear again this week so that’s gotta be worth it. It’s on Bandcamp Pay What You Want and I think it’s worth a quid (at least) of anyone’s money .

It’s techno, Jim, but not as we know it.




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