T99-Anasthasia 2019

Proof you can’t keep an iconic rave anthem down! T99’s ‘Anasthasia’ returns for  2019 with a mammoth remix package!

This much loved rave anthem is back with a bumper selection of remixes due to be released in 3 packages. Italy’s Danilo Incorvaia provides an intense Techno rework, fast paced, crunchy, pounding and raw.

KRTM of PRSPCT fame, teams up with Limewax for a fierce, industrial version with grimey, distorted drums, slamming breaks and fire like vehemence and aggression.

Abbeloos Olivier (T99) Feat Ig  aims for the club vibe with a pumping Techno update featuring addictive synth stabs and a great tease of the legendary mentasm riff.

Ayarcana’s take on the original is militant, dark, hardcore techno with super crunchy kicks and a gut wrenching hook.

Damage Inc turn in a breakbeat hardcore revibe for the raving crew with a tension filled build up before ramping up the excitement with cut up amens and Pump Panel style keys.

The DJKC Nightline remix mixes up progressive house/trance sounds with a rolling breakbeat. Falhaber turns the lead riff into a laser blast of club techno explosiveness.

Gijensu adds a haunting, disemboweling stab to the classic mentasms, set to the marching kicks. Jacidorex goes all in on the distorted kicks, heavy claps and snatches of breakbeat with plenty of 303 acid to further beef things up. The legendary Jam El Ma delivers 110% with a tidy tech trance refix.

Jean Bruce & Dalcan roll back the clock to 1991 with a Belgian Techno circa 91 influenced rework. Marshall Applewhite combines acid and breakbeats for a satisfyingly dirty version. O.R.B.  aim the lasers straight on the club floor with plenty of echo and reverb. Perc & Truss cut, dice and splice things up into a pent up ball of dark musical matter. Process 404 get their rave on with Detroit style eeriness. Pulsar go full throttle, oldskool UK hardcore style with heavy breaks and muscly atmos. The Horrorist brings out the terror and electricity of  original Anasthasia. and we conclude with what promises to be a huge favourite with the DJs, the Phutek version, a masterclass in production with deft retouches to those classic keys.

Expected Release Date 15/03/19





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