Talking DnB & Jungle With Subcriminal

We talk DnB, Jungle, DJ’ing and we talk about Subcriminal‘s new EP out now on Ghetto Dub

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So, can you tell us when you first fell in love with DnB?

Umm from quite a young age really, music was always played around our house, drum & bass and jungle was one of the many things I heard from a young age. 2 CD’s I remember getting hold of when i was about 11 or 12 were 21st Century Breakbeat mixed by Hype (so many bangers) and Roni Size ‘Nu-Forms’, played them to death, was in love from then really.

And how did this lead to making the great tracks you make today?

I guess it led me into the world of DnB, I used to listen to it for hours with headphones on, loving all the drops with real heavy bass and crazy bass sounds, I remember always thinking ‘how do they make those sounds?’ Tracks like Dillinja ‘Nasty Ways’ was I one I remember listening to over and over and thinking ‘wow, how did he do that?’ That curiosity was too much and I wanted to try and find out how he did it, which led me to start tinkering with music production software.

Tell us about the local music scene in your home town of Bristol,

The Bristol music scene is wicked, really varied loads of headliners passing through all the time. I think this definitely helps as a producer and DJ living in a place like this you can take influences from so many people and places, loads of producers to colab with and bounce ideas off. It’s really welcoming as well I’ve met so many sound people in the scene everyone is proper nice, no egos or anything like that.

You’ve Dj’ed at several of the big UK festivals, any personal faves without putting you on the spot of course!

Ummm… Glastonbury – Salon Carousel is definitely up there just as I’ve stood in that crowd for years and always wanted to play it and was lucky enough to do so the past couple of years, even had my parents in the crowd ahaha. Illusive and Balter festival are wicked as well really enjoyed both of those.

Any B2B sets you would love to play?

There’s defo a few, hard to think on the spot, Will be playing b2b’s with Vinyl Junkie and Rachael EC this year. I’ve been working with them and their label GHETTO DUB they’re both proper sound! Look out for the Ghetto Dub takeover which features the three of us alongside MC Megatron.,  lots of others… too many.

And as a producer, any collabs you’ve enjoyed working on or would like to do?

Loved working with Shane (Audiomission) on the Warriors ep we did last year, the track Special Delivery, we both had proper fun making that one, was vibes from the start. I’ve also enjoyed working with Vinyl Junkie recently, we work real well together, we’ve done a few tracks now and they all have a really interesting vibe going, looking forward to dropping them. A producer I’d like to work with is DJ Hybrid the guy is a machine when it comes to making tunes, I think our styles could work well together.

As its early in the new year, tell us a few of your fave tracks from 2017

Hard to say as it was such a strong year for good tunes, RMS – Back to Life , T>I – All I Do, Upgrade – Blow, to name just a few… there is loads have missed tho!

And tell us about this new EP ‘Raised In The Hood’

It’’s a 6 track EP out on Vinyl Junkie and Rachael EC’s label Ghetto Dub. got a few different styles on it, lots of ragga influences. One of the tracks I finished a while ago “Run It” got a nice reaction over the summer, I am really excited for the EP to drop!

Many Thanks To Subcriminal for the interview. Be sure to buy his new EP on Ghetto Dub, you can buy it via this Juno Download link. As a bonus, you can download Subcriminal ‘Kush & Peng’ for free, check it out below

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