Talking DnB with Saxxon

We caught up with Saxxon on the release day of his huge new LP on Liondub International! Get The Album here

Your new LP on Liondub is one of the best we’ve heard this year. Tracks like ‘Alchemist’, ‘The Dopest’ and ‘GM Crops’ are just a few gems from this huge album. How do you diversify so much with production and how much effort did it take to master so many different styles?

Hey that’s wicked you’re enjoying the album so much!
I set out to write from the feeling I’m feeling at the time that’s how so many styles come out. I don’t consider myself a master of any particular style, just my own in time, they’re just the ones that come out naturally for me when I draw from my vibe combined with a life’s worth of varied musical influence. It’s always absolutely wicked when those flavours resonate with my audience!

As someone who makes killer amen rollers, what’s your take on the big Jungle debate, what is ‘jungle?’

I had this discussion with Kenny Ken, and we both agreed that jungle is a feeling, not a beat pattern or a certain collection of samples. I intend for my personal brand of jungle to kick-out an inclusive vibe meaning that everybody in the dance should move together, no man or woman left behind! No one should feel out of place when they come to listen to me no matter their age or creed .. it’s for everyone.

You are clearly a Hip Hop fan too, tell us some of your all time fave rappers and who you rate in 2018?

I got into rap music before I was into jungle. I was actually trying to buy rap music when I first found a jungle record store and they showed me what’s up!

I appreciate three things about a great rapper. Story, flow and voice.
I want to learn something about them when I hear the tune and be able to visualise the whole thing , I want to enjoy the journey via the delivery and music …and you can have the best bars and best beats in the world but if your voice, your instrument, isn’t enjoyable to listen to it doesn’t work for me so voice is also key.

The best to me are Guru, KRS One, Snoop, Q Tip, Phife Dawg, Wu, Pharcyde, Black Thought, Mobb Deep. There’s so many for many different moods.

New rapper wise don’t talk to me about any of the Xanax pimping SoundCloud rappers! I like to hear the stories as I said. Number one rapper for 2018 has got to be MC.T.R.A.C.

What’s next after this momentous album?

Directly next is a 5 track EP for V Recordings called Fifth Element featuring vocals from Wednesday Amelia and Mr Multiplex in October. A collab EP on Serial Killaz with T>I, 2 EPs for my good homies over at Natty Dub.. loads more remixes and original work – please follow my page to keep up to date and and my second artist album will be for V…you heard it here first !

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