Technocracy – Various Artists on Census Sound

I have reviewed tracks released on Census Sound before and have huge respect for what they are doing. They release some very interesting music from the techno and proggy end of the dance spectrum and this album brings a number of original tracks from their stable of artists together. What a cracker it is! 10 tracks of techno heaven with a distinctly progressive feel and a dance floor emphasis.

Push’n’Ball – Innerspace. The Hungarian duo have been releasing tracks since 2011 from the Progressive and techno end of things on various labels including a few remixes and a great release Expander late last year previously on Census Sound. This track is very much in the progressive field with enough of a beat to move people in just the right places.

Ettica – Second Planet Along. Loz Ettica is having a purple patch at the moment releasing some great tunes and remixes on a whole heap of some of the most cutting edge labels around at the moment. He is very much a part of the Census crew though and I can’t help feeling he is keeping his best for the label. This is firmly on the techno side of things but with that progressive tinge that almost defines the Census Sound sound.

Doze – Winter Soap. Doze is the latest manifestation of the Frenchman Kevin “CClone”. He decided to end Beat Tempest on the disbandment of Lot49 with a conscious effort to move musically into a more personal sound than the upfront techfunk of Beat Tempest. This is a much more melodic track than his previous oeuvre but with enough to keep the dancing feet moving – if played later in the night.

Ed Steele – Ghost. Ed is another of the Census contingent having released a few tracks previously including the massive North Col (check out the Alan Cross remix…sublime). Here the sound is quite housey with a progressive angle but not what I’d term progressive house. Have a listen and see what you think.

Huff – DDT. Another Census acolyte Huff brings an almost garagesque feel to the proceedings. Progressive garage you could call it or is it just house with a faintly garage bass line? I wasn’t so keen on first listen but it has grown on me – it might on you too.

Nick Behrmann – Boiler. Another Hungarian master musician Nick Behrmann used to be known as Cafeman and has had releases on Census before under both monikers. He releases regular bi-weekly mixes on NSB Radio and these are well worth checking out too. This track is a lot more downtempo than his previous releases but when that beat drops after the breakdown it gives a reason to dance.

Good Intentions – We Are One. I can’t say I know anything about the person behind this release. The track has a great rhythm reminiscent of electro with a rolling bass line. First listen and I didn’t think much of it but it has now become my favourite track on the album as it moves through lots of phases –even incorporating a bit of old school rave in the middle break. This could fit into a lot of sets straddling genres such as it does.

Shannon Davin – Close Encounters. All the way from Sri Lanka Shannon Davin hits us with a dark rolling techno beat with added scary voices. It’s deep and it’s dark and ideal summer listening.

Alan Cross – Dirty Dawn. Census’ head honcho Alan Cross lays down an uptempo techno track with decidedly prog overtones. When that second break kicks in you’ll know what he means by a dirty dawn.

Charlie Kane – Dark Matter. Charlie Kane is one of those guys who is hard to pin down. One minute he’s djing at Spiral tribe gigs playing tekno at other times he’s making techfunk and yet other times he’s progging it large. This track kind of straddles all three with a great bassline and fast hi hats with an insistent melody that I can’t quite put my finger on what is sounds like (it sounds like a speeded up horror film soundtrack but is probably not.Music to Buy (buy buy).

The whole album was designed to be listened as a whole, I’m not saying it’s a concept album but it gives a great idea of what Census Sound is all about as well as being a good idea of what is new and exciting in the underground techno/progressive house scene. Support this label as they are producing a lot of great music and that is an important thing that needs encouraging in these days where people think that all music is just free.






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