The Allergies – 2 Much! feat. Andy Cooper – 7″ Vinyl Preorder (Jalapeno Records)

Dropping on the 31st May is a hot new 45 from The Allergies and Andy Cooper on Jalapeno Records which features a brand new single and an exclusive B-side to make this slice of vinyl an absolute must-have!

‘2 Much!’ is the guys new single and if you’ve ever wondered if this dream team could possibly fit anymore Funk, Breaks and raps into any of their tracks than ever before, bring your wondering to a halt because they’ve ramped things up on every level! Crisp drums, a juicy lick of double bass, a smattering of brass and neatly placed samples provide the perfect backdrop for Andy to really let loose and if you think you’ve already heard his fastest verse, wait till this tune unfolds. Breathtaking business all round! Check out the official video for ‘2 Much!’ below.

Following on from that scorcher is ‘Special 45’ and this vinyl only exclusive allows you to rest your feet and put em up after all the shuffling that just went down before. A much more downtempo and toasted approach is what the guys have gone for on this one with a smooth Hip Hop beat, guest scratcher DJ Robert Smith doing his thing in spectacular style and Andy Cooper letting us all know why 45’s are an essential in life and those who choose to dish them out.


Preorder ‘2 Much!’ here on Bandcamp.


Watch the official video for ‘2 Much!’ here :


Links for The Allergies :

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Links for Andy Cooper :

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