‘The New Guy’ Billion Beats Sessions

Greetings from Billion Dan….So here’s my first post on a blog happily frequented on a daily/ weekly basis for a good few years now. I take influence from all things electronic & beyond, a broad eclectic taste for many genres has brought me to passionately love DJ’ing & music alike for the last sixteen years ever so much more for this reason.

Always looking for fresh, exciting new music to play and share with the masses that you might not have otherwise heard.

For a taste of what can be expected from me in the future, here’s a five hour mix from my latest radio show on NSBRadio.co.uk where you can catch me second & fourth bi-weekly Saturdays from 21:00-23:00 GMT on:

‘The Billion Beats Sessions’ Eclectic Breakbeat with BillionDan.

You can also find me on Mixcloud and Soundcloud

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