The Breakbeat Junkie Vs DJP – Hit Me With The Horns

The Breakbeat Junkie and DJP are both tip-top Funky Breakbeat producers in their own right and when they get together to make music (which they’ve done quite a few times now), that consistently excellent form continues. The latest track from the guys ‘Hit Me With The Horns’ really does hit you with a full-on blast of brass, with samples aplenty and those big fat chunky midtempo broken beats we love so much here on the ward. When you need to get people bouncin’, reach for this one and watch that happen instantly!


Buy the track here on Bandcamp for just £1.


Links for The Breakbeat Junkie :

Soundcloud / Facebook / Bandcamp


Links for DJP :

Soundcloud / Facebook / Bandcamp / Mixcloud / YouTube / Twitter / Instagram

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