The Chemical Brothers – Galvanize (SONAS Remix)

I spotted this Chemical Brothers remix while on my break at work today and because I knew who it was by, I decided not to listen to it through my tinny phone speaker and instead wait till I got home so I could check it out through a set of actual speakers and as it turns out, the wait was well worth it!

The producer in question is John Ricketts and SONAS is his now not so new project he started up when retiring his inimitable and infamous alias Wax Hands. Even though his new project has seen him dive deep to explore the world of ambient music, I had a feeling there would be more than a trace of Wax Hands to this remix and on this very rare occasion, I was actually right!

Because of the presence of Wax Hands, the SONAS remix of “Galvanize” is a cosmic 4 to the floor stomper that’s fully dialled-up for the dancefloor. After the initial intro, a wavy acid line arrives to begin the mind-altering journey and is soon joined by the vocals from the original. As the track unfolds further, a heavier hit of acid can be felt while that solid kick and deep-seated groove continue to work their magic. An epic breakdown will eventually arrive so you can take a moment to take stock of the brilliance you’re soaking up and then the epic drop rocks up and it’s then time for one last stomp. Not only is this a damn fine remix, but it’s yours for free also! What a treat.

Download here.

Links for SONAS :

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