THE DISCO SOUND OF : MOTOWN (remixed By Young Pulse)

Although Detriot’s iconic label Motown Records is mostly known for it’s bubble gum sixties soul sound, it produced a lot of music during the Disco era and many of those tracks still bring party goers of all ages to the dance floor time and time again.

Paris based Disco producer/DJ Young Pulse, is a huge fan of Motown Records and as you might guess, the Disco influenced side of the imprints roster is where he likes to focus his attention most. After sitting down and immersing himself in the impressive selection of music to be found, Young Pulse honed in on four tracks he felt he just had to put his own personnel touch to.

The classic tracks chosen are Thelma Houston’s ‘Don’t Leave Me This Way’, Carl Bean’s ‘I Was Born This Way’, The Originals ‘Down To Love Town’ and ‘You’re All The Boogie I Need’ by Teena Marie and the results of the remixes are a blistering bunch of Disco tracks that will make any glitter ball in the land glint and shine as bright as it ever has. No Disco set or party should be without these four absolute must haves!


Buy ‘The Disco Sound Of : Motown’ here on Bandcamp.


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