The FOURTH Day of Christmas – Finest Wear Guestmix

I don’t know if it’s just me or whether it’s true or not but over the last year I have noticed a lot of music seems to have a decidedly old school feel to it – breakbeat rhythms seem to be found everywhere. I have a theory that it is people sat at home and reminiscing when times were simple and fun and so they go back to the music of their youth – I know in my case that would be punk rock but for most it is probably an earlier era of dance music. My choice for the 12 Days of Christmas is very much in that vein – an old school feel but definitely not nostalgic but original and contemporary. Cenzo Scoglio has been making house music for the last 13 plus years under his own name (MrCenzo) and since 2012 under the Finest Wear moniker. His releases have been mostly in the deep house vein but incorporating techno and even breakbeat.

Fresh from supporting the godlike Todd Terry he put together a mix for us to showcase his individual sound using unoffical edits of such tracks as Ship of Fools by Aretha Franklin and unreleased and released Finest Wear tracks. The whole mix builds from a distinctly old school house vibe and then drops deeper after Aretha into 3 Finest Wear tracks that epitomises why it appeals to me personally…dark and broken and dangerous. The rest of the mix continues the deep vibes with a couple of unofficial remixes including one of the amazing Vince Watson’s Aurelon 10 and finishes with his recent release Rhythm In Space that I reviewed earlier in the year. We are very thankful to Cenzo for this mix and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.


1. Thallie Ann Seenyen – ‘Empty Soul’ (Finest Wear’s Un-Offical Edit)
2. Finest Wear – ‘Southern Breeze’
3. Aretha Franklin – ‘Chain of Fools’ (Finest Wear’s UN-Official Edit)
4. Finest Wear – ‘Go Deeper’
5. Finest Wear & Jon Delerious – ‘Restriction’
6. Finest Wear – ‘The Buzz Dub’
7. Mood II Swing – ‘Rushin’ (Finest Wear Un-Official Edit)
8. Vince Watson – ‘Aurelon 10’ (Finest Wear’s UN-Official Edit)
9. Finest Wear – ‘Rhythm In Space’

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