The Funk District – Afrodiskosis Pt. 1 (Furious Mandrill Records)

There’s a bout of ‘Afrodiskosis’ going around and the culprit for this highly infectious blend earthy Afro Funk and dazzling Disco is The Funk District! His 4 track EP has landed on the extremely cool Furious Mandrill Records and is already causing a fever that few are able to control.

With every EP having to start somewhere ‘Freaky Stuff’ is our opener and instantly gets you hooked with a simmering groove and a tropical vibe on a track that’s bound to warm things up wherever it lands. ‘Do It Right’ follows and things step up a couple of gears with a more intense dose of funk that’ll have you powering up your funkiest of struts as you bound your way to the dancefloor. Next up is ‘Soul Vibration’ and for me, this nugget of excellence really sets the EP alight as it bursts out of the blocks with a stack of brass, strings and a Disco Funk vibe that’ll leave you panting on its completion, but soon ready to go again once that play button is hit again. To bring us all back down to earth again with a gentle glide comes ‘Tin Lin Lon’ which offers classic African influences on a Funky House jam that refreshes the mind and leaves you fully able to comprehend what has just gone down. As far as feel-good music goes, that’s all you’ll find here.


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Links for The Funk District :

Soundcloud / Facebook / Hearthis / Twitter / Instagram


Links for Furious Mandrill Records :

Soundcloud / Facebook

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