The Future Sound Of London – We Have Explosive (Paper Samurai C4stack)

UK producer Paper Samurai, has been a massive fan of The Future Sound Of London’s 21 year old ‘We Have Explosive’ since he first heard it way back in the day. It’s a track that he claims was one that heavily influenced his love of Breakbeat and we’re right there with him on that score as it’s definitely a stand out track of the 90’s.

Having been producing music for a good while now ‘We Have Explosive’ was always on his radar to rework someday and having spent a while working on his take of the mammoth track, he released his Breakbeat version on the same day the original was released all those years ago. As you might expect, this is one highly destructive rework that’s rockin’ tough chemical beats,¬†lots of little Abrams M1 and Apache sound edits to create a true monster of a tune. Approach with caution as this one goes off with a bang!


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