The Ninth Day of Christmas – Ruthie – LSM

Huge thanks to the team at LSM for adopting me despite my haphazard writing skills and not really knowing who half the artists are.

The previous collective I was part of descended into a fatal attraction-style car crash of bunny boiling stalkers, which after almost a solid 5 years still has yet to stop. It’s the relentless divisiveness and attacks of my reputation that bugs me, most weeks there’s something I want to do in life that is interfered with. They still seem a bit too interested in finding out where I am, what I am doing and who I want to spend my time with. 5 years! (Here’s another hint, not you!)

I love the LSM team for their support and understanding. The friends I’ve made here have paved the way towards me working with some of my all time favourite artists, labels and musicians, all much nicer people as well. I am forever grateful.

I am looking forward to a few years of freedom and a bit of help from my friends to achieve that.

Happy New Year and Ninth Day! I’ve just heard tomorrow’s too and it’s aaaace xx Enjoy x


Future Lines – Fire
Maicon Quadros – This Could Be (Original Mix) [G-MAFIA RECORDS]
Joyner Lucas & Logic – ISIS [ADHD] (Phibes Bootleg) FREE DOWNLOAD
Emika – Battles (Eleven Sins Remix)
Gustavo Mota & Dash Groove feat. SevenEver – Life Is Game
Señor Peludo – Flower Things

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