The Prodigy – Skylined (Lars Moston’s Really Special Rework)

Like millions of others around the world, Lars Moston was infected by The Prodigy’s poison at a young age and because his love for the legends has only grown stronger over the years, he decided to pay tribute by putting together this spell-binding Techno remix of Skylined.

As a massive fan of The Prodigy myself, I have to admit that I’m not all that keen of their music being remixed or reworked but there are some exceptional exceptions to that rule and that includes this absolute gem from Lars. His rework reimagines the mesmeric original in such a way that it can now be experienced on the place we all love to be the most once again, the dancefloor, thanks to the thunderous 4/4 beat and those classic rave chords. I should also point out that just after halfway there is a spine-tingling breakdown and halfway through that is a short snippet of an interview with Keith Flint and I’m not gonna lie, it’s a bit of choker if you really love The Prodigy and you still miss the legend. Other than that, play this rework like The Prodigy’s music should always be played, loud!!!


Download Lars Morston’s rework for free here.


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