The Visionary Collective – Visions Vol.3 (V/A)

If you’re a lover of kicking back with chilled beats by your side, it’s your lucky day because we’ve got an album that could not be more suited for that very situation courtesy of The Visionary Collective.

The Visionary Collective area small group of producers spread around the globe, who all come together once in a while to feature on their ‘Visions’ album series. Their main focus is is to deliver laid-back beats and vibes, but they’ll always serve up the occasional tune to give your neck muscles a workout as all of the music is built around Hip Hop beats with a raw boom-bap flavour and jazzy elements. Having listened to the entire album twice, it’s impossible to pick favourites because each track is just as stunning as the one that went before.

All that we can really say is that if you love your beats, you’re going to connect with this whole album in a big way and just to bring a little more happiness to your day ‘Visions Vol.3’ is free to download, as are volumes 1 & 2. Head over to Bandcamp on the link below to make your day an amazing one!

If you choose to listen to ‘Visions Vol.3’ on Soundcloud, clicking on each track will reveal a link to each producer, which of course flings the doors wide open to discover even more great music. Time to fill your boots ladies and gents!


Download ‘Visions Vol.3’ for free here on Bandcamp.


Links for The Visionary Collective :

Soundcloud / Bandcamp

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