Tim Engelhardt – First Contact

Tim Engelhardt embarks on a cosmic journey of beautiful melodic house and techno in the quest to make ‘First Contact’

Next up on Poker Flat is a 2 track EP of sublime House/Techno from Tim Engelhardt. First Contact happens to be my favourite Star Trek movie and I’m sure Captain Jean Luc Picard who coincidentally is back on our screens would approve of the sonic beauty of this track by the same name.

From gentle keys to a powerful crescendo of synth wave esque Sci Fi keys and back, the title track to this EP is a voyage akin to Ad Astra on the dancefloor, graceful and evocative

The beatless version amplifies the gorgeous progressive chords and allows them to breathe to their fullest

‘Light The Fire’ is a driving melodic house groove with warm bass and thoughtful melodies woven into the snappy beats. If you’re planning on making first contact, this is how it’s done

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