Time Travel- Clockwork LP

Time Travel returns to the Ruff Guidance label for a deep dive into his unique style of Jungle

Its always a pleasure to indulge in the deep, roiling jungle sound of Time Travel. This 10 track LP offers endless opportunities to get lost in the myriad sounds and styles of this standalone producer from the tough bass and filtered drums of opening track ‘Nowadays’ to the 1995 influenced ominous keys and snaking bassline of ‘Iron Fist’ through to the floaty yet weighty drumfunk of ‘Money’

This album is packed with audio brilliance, the scary blended with the sublime as evidenced on ‘What Is Your Wish’, the ravey keys and stepping Metalheadz esque drums of the menacing ‘To Live Forever’ and the funky, eerie minimalism of ‘Distant Star’

We get pulled further down a delightful rabbit hole with strange and wonderful experiments like ‘The Device’, outer space funkiness in the form of ‘Vibration’, dubby deep skank outs like ‘Hidden Pattern’, and in closing, the sublime and subtle, aquatic beats of ‘Wind And Water’

Enjoy Jungle as a living, breathing art form by buying and listening to this amazing LP

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