Timeslip vs Rebel Bass-2 Timez 4 EP

It doesn’t get more oldskool rave than this! Slip back in time with Rebel Bass & Timeslip

The legendary Burning Bush label returns in 2020 with a four track viny EP that you need to Pre Order! Timeslip revisits the euphoria and happiness of 1992 with the pumping breaks, rumbling Reese bass, pure oldskool uplifting piano/vocal combo and manic midsection madness of ‘Bring Me A Flyer Love’ and the rolling breaks, Black Box inspired piano and Lolletta Holloway style vocals of ‘Touch Me’

Rebel Bass evokes the vibe of ‘Back In The Day’ with a killer slice of cut up oldskool ‘ardcore that sounds similar to DJ SS’ DJ’s Anthem with a selection of classic samples straight from the history of hardcore and 90s style deep subs. ‘Restart The Party’ is an irresistible call to action with more of those familiar rave sounds packed into a busy and varied roller that switches between happy piano and a whole range of rave synths and breaks

Pre Order Here or get it as part of the awesome foursome viny package

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