Timewarp – Deep Diggin Grooves LP

Herewith the next batch of goodies from his fairly recent discovery of a stack of unreleased material comes Kraak Records bossman Timewarp with his spellbinding ‘Deep Diggin Grooves’ LP. His first offering served up a quartet of lush Drum n Bass tracks and that lushness has been fully soaked up by the 6 deep, diggin’ House grooves he has for us here.

The first two tracks ‘Warm Before Get Cold’ and ‘Feel It’ are the kind of tracks that are just perfect for those gearing up for a sunrise set. The warm fuzzy glow you’ll feel whilst listening to them will be something you’ll want to experience time and time again. The next three tracks ‘Tribal’, ‘Where My House Is’ and ‘Something New For U’ are more focused towards those who have every plan to carry on partying when the sun has awoken from its slumber. With the bpm increased ‘Tribal’ brings a deep and more intense House vibe while ‘Where My House Is’ has a filthy acidic edge and spritely groove that’ll get you moving. ‘Something New For U’ is a track that’ll twist your melon with its pounding beats and trippy aura. ‘My House Is This’ completes the LP and although the tempo has been decreased a touch, there’s a gritty edge that’ll really intoxicate the mind.

Whether you want to dance or just kick back and listen to some really good music, Timewarp’s ‘Deep Diggin Grooves’ LP has all that you require.


Buy the ‘Deep Diggin Grooves’ LP here on Bandcamp.


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